Holiday Greeting Cards Custom Printed by Phoenix Printer Graphic Ideals

Custom holiday card printing services from local Phoenix printing company, Graphic Ideals. The custom-printed greeting card shown above features artwork from one of our clients, fine artist Diane Hansen.

Keep Your Happy Holiday Season Humming Along with Custom Printing for Your Personal or Business Holiday Greeting Cards from Graphic Ideals in Phoenix

With Halloween behind us, the 2014 holiday season is already getting started. Yes, it’s that time of year to slow down a bit to reach out to, connect with, enjoy and be grateful for our friends, clients, employees, families, and other loved ones.

It’s customary to acknowledge those you care about with regular letters (which you can customize with your own personal stationery) or greeting cards throughout the year, from humorous Happy Birthday wishes to sincere personalized thank you notes.

These types of greeting card purchases are referred to as “every-day card-sending occasions” by those in the greeting card industry.

And then you have your seasonal greeting card events–particularly during the winter months of November and December–where a large portion of the U.S. population all participate in family and religious activities. During these winter months, the number of greeting card printing services definitely has an uptick.

When it comes to printing greeting and holiday cards, there’s a trend every winter that simply can’t be ignored.

The historical numbers, year after year, clearly show that in the winter months, greeting cards get a lot more popular. It seems we all make a more concerted effort to spend time with those that we care about, or at least reach out to them by sending a heartfelt note or greeting card!

In fact, there are so many people celebrating and reconnecting during the winter months that U.S. Americans purchase 1.6 billion seasonal and holiday cards during this time. This number includes secular holiday cards (non-religious) simply expressing gratitude, seasons greetings, and holiday cheer, as well as greeting cards made specifically for those who participate in any one of the large number of religions around the world during the winter months of November and December, such as Chanukah, Kwanzaa and Christmas cards.

This actually makes November and December the most popular time of year for purchasing custom greeting cards (especially in large quantity). This fact provides the custom greeting card printer and overall greeting card industry a large number of opportunities to help you connect.

Regardless of what you’re celebrating this winter, you can count on Graphic Ideals–your trusted and local Phoenix commercial printing company–for all your winter seasonal holiday and greeting card needs.

Custom Greeting Cards from Graphic Ideals Come in a Variety of Sizes to Fit Standard Envelopes

The 3 most common sizes of greeting cards and their matching envelope measurements are:

  • 5″ by 7″ Greeting Card uses an A7 Envelope
  • 4 1/2″ by 6 1/8″ Greeting Card uses an A6 Envelope
  • 4 1/4″ by 5 1/2″ Greeting Card uses an A2 Envelope
  • Feel free to call us to chat about your greeting card idea and how we can help, as we provide a variety of additional holiday card sizes.
  • You can even design (or hire us to design) your custom-sized greeting card and we can help you find envelopes that fit perfectly.

Folding Your Printed Custom Holiday Cards

Another custom choice to make about your custom designed & printed holiday cards: Do you want them folded or would you prefer to send a holiday postcard and ditch the cost of the envelope entirely? Your custom greeting cards can be the standard fold-over variety that mails in an envelope, or a more modern, eco-friendly postcard format, which eliminates the need and extra expense of the envelopes.

Regardless of your choice of fold, we can accommodate your selection expertly at Graphic Ideals, your local Phoenix print shop. Your high-quality holiday card printing is carefully handled during folding, as we score (crease) any required folds your holiday print project may require. Sometimes we even resort to recruiting all the Graphic Ideal printing elves in folding your print materials by hand if the quality of your final product is at stake. That’s how much your print quality means to our entire team.

More Customization Options for Greeting Cards For You to Feast Your Eyes On at Graphic Ideals

There are quite a few other amazing custom holiday card choices to make as you design your own greeting card with Graphic Ideals, as we have a wide variety of custom holiday card options. Some of our more custom options include diecuts (cut-outs, specialty paper-cutting or rounded corners), thermographic printing (raised printing) and specialty stuffing, in case you want to include confetti or something else fun with your card.

We’ll be happy to discuss all your greeting card design options with you in detail. Simply bring in your artwork, your photograph, or even a piece of fabric, and we will scan, print, and construct your perfect greeting card for the 2014 holiday season.

Addressing and Mailing Services Are Also Available–Skip the Super-Busy Post Office Step

We also provide addressing services, using your mailing list and our variable digital printing options to address all of your mail in a flash! Imprinting on most pre-designed, pre-printed cards is also possible, saving yourself all of those signatures and the hand cramps that come with them! So feel free to keep your “who’s been nice” list long this year and opt for our addressing services.

Don’t Delay, Get Your 2014 Holiday Season Custom Greeting Card Order In, Right Away

Make Sure Your Special Delivery Makes It In Time: The Holiday Season is RIGHT Around the Corner

While our printing turnaround time is generally three to five working days from approval of the final proof, we do recommend you contact us quickly to get your custom greeting card orders in sooner rather than later. Especially if you want to take some time making the design decisions, which can be the toughest part as there are so many great holiday card customization options to choose from!

Also, if you plan on mailing your custom greeting cards, remember that this time of year is the busiest season for the U.S. Post Office, so make sure you’ve mailed your custom greeting card with enough time to get there before the 2014 holiday season is over.

Not Sure How to Begin? Get the Help of a Graphic Ideals Elf or Two!

Come in to the Graphic Ideals Phoenix location at Thomas and 46th Street, email us at or call us at 602-381-8080 to speak with one of our friendly Graphic Ideals elves. We can help you dream up your perfect holiday greeting card!

If you have something already designed or thought up and you would like to get print pricing on, simply request an online printing quote. Once we’ve received and confirmed via phone (usually that day or the next business day if after business hours), our Graphic Ideals elves will get to work to design, print, fold, address and mail your custom greeting card in time for the holiday season!