Did you happen to get downtown while the Super Bowl festivities were going on? One of the most striking sights for us was the proliferation of super-sized large format print and display graphics–from wrapping skyscrapers and buses to the custom wall art that plastered interior surfaces and store walls.

Downtown Phoenix became a showcase gallery for super-sized print during Superbowl weekend.

Hundreds of large format print projects in a variety of mediums appeared

A number of local Phoenix commercial printing companies assisted with many of the amazing large-scale graphic and print projects that really set the tone and led the experience of being downtown in Phoenix during the Superbowl.

Graphic Ideals is proud we were selected for the short list of Superbowl business connect partners, but some of these large format print graphics were definitely bigger than what we usually encounter! (Could you imagine Alice dangling in the air helping with the installation?!)

Large format printing for wall art building wrap for T-Mobile on Alliance Bank in downtown Phoenix Arizona

Large wall art building wrap by BlueMedia for T-Mobile on Alliance Bank Building in Phoenix, AZ

And this might just be one of the largest color printed custom banners you’ve ever seen.

Rumor has it that hikers in Scottsdale could see the bright pink highlight of this Phoenix skyscraper building wrap.

This large format building wrap required a four-person team 134 hours over 4 nights to install, the final graphic was 60′ x 200′ feet!

Elsewhere throughout the country, a collaborative print campaign by four print shops to bring art to the streets is just “wrapping” up. Modeled after the Art Everywhere UK campaign, American works of art have appeared on buildings, buses and billboards—and also in kiosks and bus stops and anywhere else art could be installed for viewing from the street. Both dynamic signage and digital print included vehicle wraps, bus shelters and wallscapes, and reached millions of people each day.

Large-Format Printing in Phoenix from Graphic Ideals

Odds are that you won’t be needing a 12,000-square-foot custom banner for your upcoming project, but you may need some custom posters, or a large wall art decal or several vinyl banners. In that case, Graphic Ideals is perfectly suited to help with your large format printing or scanning–whatever you do need.

Our large format printers at Graphic Ideals can handle large format digital print projects up to 64″ wide and as long as your heart desires.

Our Rastek flatbed large-format digital printer can print your message in high quality, full color using CMYK + White ink at resolutions up to 1200dpi, providing the best-in-class photographic image quality at an unrivaled speed and price point. The UV ink technology is extremely durable and can sustain itself in the elements for up to three years.

We have the capabilities of printing on almost any flat surface and feature a wide range of rigid and flexible materials up 64″ wide and up to 1.8″ thick:

  • Paper
  • Canvas
  • Fome-Cor or Foam Board
  • Plywood
  • PVC
  • Corrugated plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Glass

Suited to help you produce large format print projects such as . . .

  • Banners and flags
  • Display graphics
  • Signage
  • Point-of-purchase
  • Unique large photo prints
  • Custom wall art
  • Packaging applications
  • Trade show displays

Concept and design, duplicating and packaging, printing and shipping, signs and banners—Graphic Ideals can do it all on your scale.

Call, come in or send us your online print order today.

Mention this blog to Alice and ask for the Discount of the Day—you just might get it! Of course you can upload your files or send us your print project specs for an online printing quote anytime.