BigBangMarketingDid you ever think about your menu being a marketing piece? It is the last point of sale for your product; of course it’s a marketing piece!

Even though most menus are used inside a restaurant environment, some do travel like flyers and business cards. To-go menus come to mind, but what about the menu you have on your website? We can help you design menus that sell your food and your business. Here are a few examples we’ve recently done:

Steve's Grill Full Menu, designed and printed by Graphic IdealsSteve's Grill Menu, designed and printed by Graphic Ideals Don Jose Menu - Printed by Graphic Ideals in Phoenix, Arizona

Essence Bakery Menu printed by Graphic Ideals in Phoenix, AZ


For Steve’s Grill the entire menu needed an update, so we started with our old digital file and revamped the design while adding the new menu items. They now have a large, two-sided daily menu, a smaller Happy Hour menu and a to-go menu, and they couldn’t be happier.

Our friends at Don Jose Mexican Food had a traditional menu layout that they wanted to preserve. We scanned the old artwork and used it to lay out the new menu, and are happy to report another satisfied customer is the result.

Whether we design it or you do, Graphic Ideals is uniquely qualified to help you explore your menu options and then produce just what you need. We offer menu printing, laminating, binding, whatever is necessary. Click here for a quick quote to see what Graphic Ideals can do for you!