Local Phoenix print shop - Graphic Ideals provided flyer printing services for Phoenix Valley Metro

Our Phoenix printing company, Graphic Ideals, printed this flyer from the customer-provided custom flyer design, which was submitted online.

Between a brochure and a business card is your fine marketing friend, the print flyer. Bigger than a business card and therefore capable of imparting more information, a printed flyer stops short of the fancy folding of a brochure and delivers your message in a concise, one-page format or front-and-back, also known as double-sided flyer printing.

Print Flyer Ideas and Examples:

  • Business flyers
  • Event flyers
  • Missing persons or pets
  • Product information flyers
  • Bar special or nightclub flyers
  • Land development or real estate flyers
  • Non-profit fundraising or charity benefit events
  • Direct-mail campaigns
  • Directions/instructions
  • General advertising

Our local Phoenix print shop, Graphic Ideals, has printed many of these different types of flyers for clients.

Flyer Design Services and Printing Support

So what should your flyer design look like? Does your custom flyer design need to match something else in your marketing campaign? What do you want your printed flyer to do? Is it a rack card advertising your tour-guide service in a hotel lobby or promoting your product at trade shows? Is your printed flyer a quick handout to public transportation passengers about an upcoming event? Not sure how to make a flyer? NO WORRIES! Graphic Ideals, one of the best printing companies in Phoenix, can help!

A lot of our flyer printing customers, like the Regional Public Transportation Authority, submit camera-ready .pdf files to us for printing their flyers. Other clients looking to print flyers need our help with flyer design and layout services, which we happily provide. Indeed, if we design the flyer files here we’re assured of their ability to be color-separated for color flyer printing if necessary, or their optimization for print production on whatever device is specified, whether offset or digital.

Flyer template or a custom flyer design? No worries, leave the flyer printing to Graphic Ideals.

Of these flyer examples, you can probably figure out which print flyers were custom designed and which were simply laid out in a flyer template, saved as a .pdf and submitted to us for reproduction. It’s all the same to us, as long as you get the high-quality printed flyer you wanted—or one that exceeds your expectations.

Outside-created files go through a strict pre-flight printing process in order to prepare an outside flyer design file that’s been submitted online for flyer print production.

Flyer Distribution: Mailing Flyers or Handing Your Flyer Out?

How will you be distributing this flyer? Here are just a few examples of how some of our clients have handled their flyer distribution:

  • Handing them out at car shows
  • Takeaways at trade shows
  • Handouts at job fairs or local industry expos
  • Rack card flyer holders in hotel or business lobbies
  • Point-of-sale distribution by setting them on the counter next to the cash register

The weight of your flyer paper can be important when you are thinking about flyer distribution. Is copy paper appropriate, or is it too transparent? Maybe your flyer will be a direct-mail flyer, so card stock is more appropriate. By the way, if you are mailing flyers, be sure to ask about our time-saving digital printing services for mailing address labels.

Call, come in or request an online quote today for your flyer ideas or submit your flyer design for print via our website upload. Graphic Ideals, your local Phoenix flyer printing company, is here for you!