Laser Cutting

Router Cutting

Various unique die-cut business cards  - Graphic Ideals, a local Phoenix print company

unique, die-cut business cards

Laser Cut Vinyl Sticker with Backing

laser-cut custom vinyl stickers with backing

Router-cut Robot cutout of ultraboard

Graphic Ideals routered this robot cut out of Ultraboard

Cuts created with a custom-created metal die  Uses a high-power laser to make your cuts Cuts are created using an electric router
Great for:Larger or multiple print runs
Larger, less intricate cut-paper shapes
Great for:Low-volume paper-cutting projects
Super or fine-detailed paper cutting
Great for:Large-format print projects
Environmental graphics and signage
paper stock
card stock
sticker paper
vinyl decals
paper stock
card stock
sticker paper
vinyl decals
UltraBoard (Foam)
MDO Plywood

Die Cutting Print Projects: Traditional Custom Cutouts for Large Volume & Multiple Print Runs

Die cutting gives these custom business cards a unique look Die cut door hanger printing from Graphic Ideals, local commercial printer in Phoenix
Custom corporate invitations, printed and die-cut by Graphic Ideals, one of the best printing companies in Phoenix

Graphic Ideals provided our Phoenix printing services for a corporate event, printing this custom die-cut invitation and program.

What is die-cutting? Custom-cut Shapes in Paper, Card, or Thin Board

Die-cutting: the cutting by machine of paper or card into shapes with sharp steel knives, such as in the manufacture of cardboard boxes. (Collins English Dictionary)

The sharp steel knives are often like cookie cutters, shearing through thick stacks of paper with razor-sharp edges to produce perfectly uniformly cut shapes out of paper or other stock. A die-cut is a print finishing technique that’s completed after your print project has finished printing and has dried completely.

The custom-cut shapes that can be made using die-cutting could be templates for custom-cut boxes, cutouts on a window envelope, or business card slits in a pocket folder — objects that we use in business every day.

But there are many more applications for custom-cut shapes, with only imagination to limit us.

Many everyday printing projects incorporate die-cutting, like:

  • Rounded-corner business cards
  • Custom-shaped business cards
  • Door hangers
  • Die-cut stickers
  • Custom die-cut invitations
  • Scrapbook materials
  • Pocket folders
  • Product packaging
  • See-through booklet or book covers
  • Window envelopes
  • Custom die-cut boxes
  • Gift tags, hang tags or product tags

Reuse Your Metal Die to Cut the Cost of Custom Die-Cutting

Take the everyday concept of die-cutting to the next level! Technology has expanded so quickly that die-cutting is much more cost effective than it used to be. Many standard dies are available for classic projects, such as door hangers and pocket folders, but custom-cut shapes have never been more popular! There is an initial investment in the cost of manufacturing the die, but once made it can be used repeatedly.

Laser-cutting Print Projects: Lovely Little Details and Low-Volume Print Finishing at Lower Cost

examples of laser-cutting used in book covers, greeting cards, invitations, and packaging

Laser cut lettering vinyl label with backing printed and laser-cut by Graphic Ideals, a local Phoenix print shop

Graphic Ideals laser-cut lettering into these individual vinyl decals with sticker paper backing.

Our Phoenix printing company, Graphic Ideals, offers another print finishing technique for custom-shape paper-cutting called laser-cutting.

As the name of this alternative paper-cutting process suggests, this paper-cutting technique uses the precision and accuracy of a laser to cut out your design. The detailed cuts made by laser-cutting are finer than the traditional method of die-cutting–allowing us to cut intricate lace patterns, fretwork, text, logos, or other fine graphics into paper, thin paperboard or thin cardboard.

Laser cutting is often more affordable than die-cutting for low-volume runs, due to the fact that laser-cuts do not require a custom die to be cut for your print project. Laser cutting also stands out as it is a non-contact method of paper-cutting and scoring, unlike die-cutting, which physically touches your print project when it punches through the paper, creating your cut.

Let Us Count the Ways You Can Use Laser Cutting:

  • Wedding cards/invites
  • Greeting cards/note cards
  • Commercial art applications
  • Fine art applications
  • Gift tags, hang tags or product tags
  • Custom cut-paper projects
  • Vinyl cutting for vinyl stickers
  • Paper crafts or scrapbooking
  • Iron-on craft appliques
  • Product packaging

Router Cutting Print Projects: Large Format Cutouts Create a Larger-Than-Life Impact

large format shapes and signs cut with a router

Router-cut Robot cutout of ultraboard

Graphic Ideals used an electric router to cut this large-format printed Robot cutout of UltraBoard using an electric router

For our large-format printing projects, there is another procedure for achieving custom cutout shapes, using an electronic router, known as router-cutting.

Life-sized cutouts enhance your store window display and seasonal in-store signage helps make an exciting shopping experience for your customers. This method of cutting our large-format print projects, when used in certain ways, can create a 3-D printing effect to quickly transform your store or trade show booth into an experience your visitors won’t soon forget.

Setup and take-down is easy since these display panels are created using UltraBoard, a large-format printing material that is tough yet lightweight, so you can choose to reuse and recycle them at the end of your event, trade show, craft fair season or seasonal promotion cycle.

Router-Cutting is Great for Giant Cutout Environmental Graphics, like:

  • Custom-cut indoor and outdoor signage
  • Special event signage
  • Directional and informational signs
  • Indoor point-of-purchase signs
  • Retail displays
  • Temporary and promotional signage
  • Trade show booths and signage

Call on Graphic Ideals to Cut Any Custom Cutout Print Project That Your Creative Can Mind Cook Up

What creatively cut printing projects are starting to spark in your mind now? Do you feel that custom die-, laser- or router-cutting would add value to your brand?

Feel free to share your ideas, questions or thoughts in the comments below.

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