Business Card Printing

Everyone should have a professionally printed business card. It’s the single most effective marketing tool around. After all, you can’t drop your LinkedIn presence into a free-lunch fishbowl, now can you?

Even after you’ve left your customer, your business card continues doing its job, leading your customer back to you time and again. Perhaps it gets passed on—it could open a whole new world of opportunity for you with new customers, new projects, new designs.

Standard Business Card Sizes

Business cards in the U.S. are traditionally 3.5” wide by 2” tall, but not exclusively. Whatever you can do to make your card stand out in a stack, including rotating the card to a vertical format or changing the size or shape, can be a good thing—as long as you don’t get cheesy, or alter the functionality of the card. Those characteristics tend to add costs, also.

Business Card Paper Stock and Ink

The paper stock you use plays an important role in the final piece as well. From bright white to black, every color of stock seems to be available; how do you choose? What about the weight of the stock, should it feel heavy or light? And ink colors literally run the gamut; what to do?

Our friendly staff can help you with those or any questions you might have. We have samples of layouts, miniature artwork to add, a myriad of fonts and years of expertise, not to mention a full-time graphic designer.

Custom Business Card Design

Does it have to be “designed,” or can you put it together yourself in Word? The answer is: It has to function, and it has to look professional. Google “business card inspiration” and get your creative juices flowing. Creative and unique business cards start with your unique style and inspiration. What do you like? What don’t you like? What colors appeal to you, and what colors seem to tell your story? Your job is to dream about what you’re trying to convey. Our job is to produce it.

Here are some business cards we’re proud of printing at Graphic Ideals:


Order Business Cards from Graphic Ideals

We’re business card professionals here at Graphic Ideals, and we can help you. Visit our quote page to start ordering your business cards online or come in and talk to our graphic designer about your business card ideas. We can create a custom business card design that makes you look professional and functions well.

Business cards are relevant and important. Let Graphic Ideals in Phoenix, Arizona help you with yours today.