Instead of posting about printing services, last week’s post was about how our Phoenix print shop team gives back locally through community service.

This week, Adrian, one of our awesome Graphic Ideals print shop team members, shares how his family gives back in a big way and how you can help them reach even higher goals!

In His Own Words: How One Graphic Ideals Employee’s Family Generosity Reaches Across Borders

Adrian Vasquez, part of the Phoenix printing services business development team at Graphic Ideals, and his family collected backpacks and school supplies so 420 poverty stricken children could return to school in San Felipe, Mexico

420 poverty-stricken children return to school in San Felipe, Mexico, thanks to the backpacks and supplies collected by Jessica & Adrian Vasquez, who is part of the printing services business development team at Graphic Ideals in Phoenix, Arizona.

I’m Adrian Vasquez, part of the printing services business development team here at Graphic Ideals. In 2013, my wife Jessica and I began working with several extremely impoverished families in San Felipe, Mexico.  Education is vital for these children but, sadly, a lot of them are not able to attend school.

In San Felipe, the children are required to have uniforms, school supplies, funds for mandatory activities and (until recently) tuition.  If the families are not able to afford these items, the children simply do not go to school.  There are no government programs, so when a family has to make a choice between food or pencils, their choice is simple.

Inspired to take action, my wife and I, along with other gracious supporters, were able to collect and disburse 420 backpacks filled with all of the necessary school supplies in 2013.

This year, we have set a goal to collect and disburse 500 backpacks by August!

Past Successes Pave the Way to a Brighter Future

Last year, we raised funds to pay for eight months of rent for an 11-year-old boy recovering from extensive back surgery to repair his paralysis from the waist down. Prior to us raising the funds, he and his guardian (his older brother) were living in an eight-by-ten pallet structure with dirt floors, no running water, no heat or AC.  We’re happy to report that thanks to our fundraising, they are now living in a one-bedroom casita with running water, electricity, a full bathroom, kitchen, AC/heat and even cable, and he is now walking again thanks to the surgery.

And in September 2013, a single mother and nine children lost their home (an 18′ travel trailer) in a flash flood. We were able to raise enough money to purchase a 23′ travel trailer that we renovated, furnished and hauled down to San Felipe. Now they are safe.

Other projects include community gardens at both school and residential locations. It is our hope that by working with the children and providing them with the necessary tools, they will be able to break the cycle of generational poverty and choose a new path for their future. We are not a part of any other organization and do not have a non-profit status – simply good people who saw a need and are working to make lives better.

Learn More & Give Your Support

If you are interested in reading more or giving your support, please check out the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty website at or LIKE the Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Facebook page.