TheSunQ213.inddMany of our clients happen to be government entities. We’ve produced printing and graphics for the Veterans’ Administration, the Indian Health Service, and other numerous federal government agencies. Documents produced by or for the United States government are required to be compliant with the Section 508 Standards.

The policy that all on-line documents need to be compliant with the Section 508 Standards, part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, addresses accessibility for people with cognitive, physical, or sensory disabilities. Essentially, when the document is accessed on-line it can be read aloud, magnified, or otherwise manipulated in such a way as to allow access.

When first confronted with this requirement, Graphic Ideals scrambled to find assistance with producing these documents. Alas, there was not much information to be found. Our own Gene served as our Quality Control Manager.

We Can Help You Make Your PDFs Section 508 Compliant

Through perseverance, logic and our ever-present desire to satisfy all of our customers’ needs, we now offer 508 remediation for many different customers:

  • for all government-published documents;
  • for any other documents where accessibility is requested;
  • whether we print your final documents or not.

Call us today for pricing, get an online Quick Quote, or simply upload your file online into our production stream. Either way, we’re here to help you—and that means ALL of you.