Poster Printing in Phoenix Arizona for Bike WeekThis week we thought we’d share with you three great printing services we recently completed for local Phoenix businesses and organizations. Since our capabilities are great, we never know what job is going to come in next. These were extraordinary, and interesting, we think.

A good customer, Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers, needed a branded pop-up tent. One of those canopies that you can use outside, we got right to work designing it for them. A week later we delivered the final product, and we had a very happy customer! The customer chose a black fabric with their black, red, gray and white logo on top and on all four sides.

The Regional Public Transportation Authority, or RPTA, recently had us produce a packet of printed materials for their annual Bike Week activities. Flyers, posters, meeting guidelines, you name it, we got it done – a total of 14 different pieces. It will be interesting to see these pieces in use as we travel our beautiful city. Tight turnaround on this one, but we made it again!

Finally, we recently completed some binder copies for a major construction company here in Phoenix, Arizona. All of their accounting records for a big casino project needed to be scanned, tabbed, copied and re-compiled into nice, clean, neat binders. It’s tedious, as some pages are color and some are black and white, and some pages are one-sided and some are two. We got it done and made our customer very happy.

We love to provide printing services to Phoenix businesses and organizations!

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