There is much value in organizations or groups of like-minded business professionals exchanging information and sharing ideas. These people are future relationships, people who can help you earn business and keep up with what’s happening in your industry. It’s a “Win/Win” situation, as this networking will help both of your companies succeed.

There are many in-person networking opportunities out there. Seek out opportunities to meet others in your industry by joining a local networking group!

Here at Graphic Ideals we belong to the following organizations:PromotionalProducts

As you can see, there are different organizations for different facets of our business, so we’re more likely to meet new people at each event. Perhaps your company belongs to some of these networking organizations.

Be prepared when you attend these events. Be sure to have business cards, promotional pens, logo scratch pads or other promotional products with you to share like brochures or a informational rack or post card. These materials will be great take-away items that will keep you in mind, long after you meet with someone. Graphic Ideals can of course help you design and print all these printed promotional products and more.

Take your business networking online. Another great source for professional organizations is LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Social networking is here to stay, folks, so if you’re not using social media, you may be losing out on connections!

Now that you’ve made all these great contacts, ask for and offer referrals. A recommendation on Yelp, Google or LinkedIn will go a long way toward building your network of business relationships.

Business networking in Phoenix is a win/win situation, and it can also be fun! Come in, call or click for a quote today on your promotional package, and get out there!