BigBangMarketingEverybody should have a professional business card. It’s the single most effective marketing tool around. After all, you can’t drop your LinkedIn presence into a free-lunch fishbowl, now can you?

Even after you’ve left your customer, your business card continues doing its job, leading your customer back to you time and again.

Does it have to be horizontal, or can it be vertical? Does it have to be “designed,” or can you put it together yourself in Word? The answer is: It has to function, and it has to look professional. Google “business card inspiration” and get your creative juices flowing.

We’re business card professionals here at Graphic Ideals, and we can help you. Visit our quote page to start ordering your business cards online or come in and talk to our graphic designer about your business card ideas. We can create a custom business card design that makes you look professional and functions well.

Business cards are relevant and important. Let us help you with yours today.


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